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Travel is the strongest tool we have to bring people together and foster connection.

Get Connected, Stay Connected

We are a global community of ambitious growth seekers from all walks of life who travel together and value meaningful human connection. Driven by curiosity, impact and adventure, we refuse to settle in our pursuit of connection.

Powerful testimonials from our guests

"Life is more meaningful when shared"

"I connected with my tribe! We went on epic adventures, had deep heart to heart talks, swapped SO much knowledge, helped each other pursue our dreams and met amazing and authentic friends. I'll cherish these moments forever! It was the first time in my life where I had that 'AH HA' moment & truly started to believe there really was more for me in this life. My perspectives shifted, my mind grew and my life changed."

"Traveling with Jesse gave me an opportunity to make lifelong friends. An insight into how to grow as a person and take the best traits of people's personalities to make your own. I truly felt like I’d made a connection."

"This experience certainly acts as a catalyst for personal and relational growth. You cannot help but pause and reflect on how precious the bonding becomes throughout the trip. I will forever be grateful for this experience and wish that every human alive could one day feel a glimpse of what I was blessed to experience during this trip!"



Hi, I'm Jesse Terranova

AKA The Connection Creator

What does a genuine and meaningful connection mean to you? To me, it's meant the world.

The most valuable element of travel has always been the relationships I've cultivated and the memories I've shared with others.

Yes, I love guiding guests through our epic travel experiences but nothing excites me more than witnessing the lasting transformations that occur when they internally connect beyond their borders.



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