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“Jesse is not only the best person to educate you on travel, he’s one of the best people to experience it with. I’ve never met anyone like him. His passion for culture, adventure, and social connection is contagious. It makes you just want to dive in to whatever waters he’s been swimming in! He is knowledgeable, fun, honest and truly cares about the world. I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to experience travel and life with someone as amazing as him!"

Christina Astuto

Nomad for life!

“I have spent years traveling and met countless people, but Jesse stands out among those as one with exceptional energy and spirit. His friendliness pervades throughout to bring everyone closer together. His genuine interest in the people he meets is obvious and infectious. I can think of no better person to bring people together for a truly memorable experience.”

David Blake

London, England

"I connected with my tribe! We went on epic adventures, had deep heart to heart talks, swapped SO much knowledge, helped each other pursue our dreams and met some of our best friends in this world. I'll cherish these moments forever and I'm so thankful for Jesse for bringing us all together. It was the first time in my life where I had that "AH HA' moment & truly started to believe there really was more for me in this life. My perspectives shifted, my mind grew and my life changed. It was in this place with these people where I realized it was possible for me to be the author of my life and make the change I always knew I could."

Anna Leigh Wilson

Dallas, Texas

“I was a little apprehensive about booking an experience with a travel service. After all, I’d always been a solo traveller navigating my own path. How wrong was I. Traveling with Jesse gave me an opportunity to make lifelong friends. An insight into how to grow as a person and take the best traits of people's personalities to make your own. I truly felt like I’d made a connection. They say you meet people in this life for a season, a reason or a lifetime. I’m looking forward to the lifetime of friendships from this traveling encounter.”

Yan Yates

Auckland, New Zealand

"Life changing experiences & connections like this are not only hard to come by, but they are also hard to understand if you've never truly encountered them. We embarked on a week-long adventure into the unknown that is everything we didn't even know we needed until going through it. From masterminds about business, to deep convos within life, epic views & excursions - the last 7 days are some I will never forget. Jesse, the founder of Connection Creators, asked us all what we want to integrate within our lives that impacted us during the experience. Right away, I knew my answer: Coming home from this trip, I want to integrate looking through the lens of curiosity. To be a sponge in all areas of my life & soak in the knowledge and wisdom that is shared with me in order to pass along to others. I also commit to putting more energy into connecting with like-minded humans and putting our strengths together to serve the world with our hearts & spread love like it's candy. Stay tuned for upcoming trips, you're not going to want to miss one - trust me."

Kassidy Hardgrove

Nashville, Tennessee

"As an experienced traveler, I was truly impressed by our trip to St. John. The itinerary and leadership were outstanding. An amazing group of people as well. The way everyone embraced each other surpassed my expectations. The activities were so much fun, but my favorite element of the trip was the bonding of the group. Day 1 we're all strangers, Day 5 it's like everyone is best friends, and in a truly genuine way. Two moments in particular come to mind for me; our morning journaling session with Jesse in which some of us opened up and shared our stories with the group, and the mastermind session. In both of these activities, I saw how everyone was comfortable being open and honest with one another about things they may be struggling with and goals they're chasing after. The reason this stood out to me is because many, or maybe even most of us, don't feel like we have people that we can go to and be completely honest and vulnerable with, or to seek advice on the goals we're going after. With this experience, it was a completely safe and welcoming environment to share those types of things."

Quinn Davis

Portland, Oregon

"It's obvious how much love and energy was put into creating this experience. The accommodations were beautiful and super clean. The restaurants were awesome! And the Connection Creators team....there are no words to describe the hospitality. Don't let the mastermind day deter you. It was actually one of my favorite parts and had me remembering and reevaluating some of the more challenging times in my life. One of the exercises lead to me realize journaling was what had gotten me through some tough times and that I had given up on it for the wrong reasons. I like the self improvement aspect. It's cool to meet people who are actually exploring ways to grow and be better people AND enjoy the outdoorsy adventure aspect too. I tend to get stuck in more traditional thought processes for solutions and it's refreshing to change perspectives and spit ball some out of the box ideas with each other. Being in nature always leaves me feeling more connected. I was feeling very burned out before the trip. Being in such an amazing place so few people ever have the chance to experience humbles me. I may still be physically tired, but my spiritual battery is recharged."

Kelli Beckman

Lake Erie, Pennsylvania

"I have been on two retreats with Connection Creators and I am ready for my third! It's always amazing to be able to spend time out in nature but its very rare that you find yourself in such beautiful places connecting with like-minded people from all walks of life. It definitely brings a new perspective and puts an emphasises on the value of connection. These experiences have impacted me in so many ways. I do a lot of solo travel and most of the time its just me reflecting but connecting with a group enables you to learn from others and gain invaluable friendships. My expectations are always exceeded tenfold so don't miss out on a once in a life-time experience!"

Carlos Guevara

Caracas, Venezuela

“How would I describe traveling with Jesse? The following phrase comes to me: “a mind stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions.” Jesse is an amazing individual who will always go out of his way to create moments that are unique and memorable. When we travel we disconnect ourselves from the daily routine and meet new people. Some of these people stay in your life for one day or two, maybe even one week. However Jesse is one that can become a part of your lifetime. We traveled in a group through Mexico City to Acapulco and one year later we traveled again to New York. Jesse will not only take care of planning an unforgettable trip but also inspire you along the way.”

Kathia Pereznuñez

Mexico City, Mexico

“Traveling with Jesse throughout the beautiful country of Portugal was a blast. He planned so many great adventures, from a private-chef catered 12 course dinner to a day touring the Portuguese mountainside. No matter where we went there was always tons of laughter and crazy antics. Even the most simple parts of the trip turned into incredible moments. From driving in the car turning into rapping/singing directions from going out to dinner becoming a night out dancing and riding a mechanical bull, the trip was filled with the best life-long memories. Traveling with Jesse and our group was destiny come true.”

Dr. George Nassar

New York, NY

"Oh my! Where do I even begin? I don't think words can ever adequately express how impactful this travel experience has been for me. I didn't have any expectations coming in, but would never have anticipated how uplifting and memorable all of it would be. I've been on a self-discovery journey for a while and would always hear therapists say, "We heal through community," which felt foreign to me because even my closest friends weren't at a capacity to resonate with my journey. During this trip I healed parts of myself by witnessing others in their own journey. For the first time in a while, I felt heard and validated. The level of vulnerability that everyone brought to the table was truly immeasurable! The mutual exchange of energy amongst us was so powerful that even the locals and travelers that came across our paths noticed it. This experience certainly acts as a catalyst for personal and relational growth. You cannot help but pause and reflect on how precious the bonding becomes throughout the trip. I will forever be grateful for this experience and wish that every human alive could one day feel a glimpse of what I was blessed to experience during this trip! I came as a solo traveler and left as part of something greater... and for that, I want to extend all of my gratitude to Jesse and Stefano for coordinating what was needed and for all of the wonderful souls in the group I connected with so deeply."

Fernanda Sa

Brasília, Brazil

“There is no more fulfilling traveling experience than one with Jesse. No matter which corner of the globe you go to, you can rest assured that a full allotment of quality experiences will be on your itinerary. Good drinks, fine local cuisine, and immersive adventures that make you feel like you are traveling with a native to the region. Anyone who gets the opportunity to travel with him should consider themselves fortunate!”

Nick Hosseinzadeh

Vancouver, Canada

"Jesse, you amplify who I am and strive to be. I cannot thank you enough for the personalized note that you wrote me when we all arrived at the villa - it's honestly probably the nicest thing anyone has EVER written to me and so incredibly thoughtful. St. John was AMAZING! From the itinerary and adventures planned, to the spontaneous, fun moments, to facilitating activities to foster and deepen connection within ourselves, to each other and the world around us. Going on this trip was not only a reset, but a reminder of how I want to feel and live my life - to the fullest but also in awe, with connection and gratitude."

Anna Tenne

Sydney, Australia

“I will remember for a lifetime my adventure in Portugal. We travelled to Lisbon, Lagos, and the Azores islands over the span of two weeks. It was without a doubt the best group trip I have ever been part of and the mastermind behind it all was Jesse - whom at the time I had only met briefly before. Somehow he managed to gather 11 resident physicians, all of whom have strong personalities, different preferences, opinions, tastes, likes, allergies and managed to harmonize our desires into one unforgettable trip. His planning included flights, buses, house rentals, fine dining experiences, and stunning sightseeing and excursions. Jesse is the competent and friendly leader needed to bring people together and also keep you on track to see the stunning beauty of your destination. He will forever remain a good friend of mine since that trip.”

Dan Candea

Rupea, Romania

“Traveling with Jesse is easily one of the top experiences and adventures I can add to my life. He is constantly bringing the energy, curiosity and flow your trip NEEDS to feel like you are at the edge of the passenger seat. Giggling through lush jungle passages, curious about the local flavor & smiling from sunrise to sunset. Adaptable, easy going and free spirited Jesse makes you feel seen, heard and inspires you to really soak up LIFE and what the world has to offer. Whether it’s one day, a full week or just in passing, Jesse continues to change my life."

Sydney Payne

St John, USVI

"This trip made me realize how big our world really is and how although I consider myself an avid traveler, in reality I have only seen a very small portion of it. Thank you Jesse for not letting me back out of it. The whole trip was unique and different! It was fun to make new friends with people who are from all different walks of life. It was also nice to just show up and not have to do any planning. I'll have to say the icebergs and glaciers were the highlight and I have never seen anything like them before, my kids said they just didn't seem real, not even as I stood right there in front of them! I've never cried after an international trip or any trip for that matter, but this had me very emotional on my way home."

Linda Contino

Phoenix, Arizona

“Jesse created a life-changing experience! My Fiancé and I were introduced to amazing countries and cities that people wouldn't even think to go. Jesse planned a day in Croatia for my proposal in a private chartered plane over a heart shaped island! She said yes! We were also able to see many historical cities such as Dubrovnik, the iconic Mostar Bridge in Bosnia, the beautiful city of Kotor in Montenegro and much more! Jesse planned everything from A to Z including kayaking, a cave tour, waterfall hikes, and even our amazing accommodations in each country! I would highly recommend Jesse's services to anyone looking to explore our world's hidden gems and have an awesome experience doing so!”

Nicholas Hopkins

New York, NY

“I had the pleasure of first traveling with Jesse in 2015. In a group of four, we decided to go on a month-long adventure across Europe to 6 countries. Prior to the trip, Jesse and I only knew each other through a mutual friend, so I didn’t really know what to expect. He took the initiative to plan the entire trip for us. From the accommodations to dining and experiences, everything was expertly planned. But besides planning, the best part about traveling with Jesse comes down to who he is. He’s an extremely intelligent, open-minded individual who knows how to bring out the best in everyone around him. Since 2015, we have been inseparable and have gone on countless trips, each being more memorable than the last."

Dr. Hani Nasr

New York, NY

"This is my second Connection Creators trip! Every aspect of the experience was attended to by Jesse and Stefano. They picked everyone up at the airport personally. Upon arrival at the villa, you couldn't help but to feel instantly at home. The kitchen was stocked with drinks/food and there was a welcome package on each bed with snorkel gear and a personalized hand-written note from Jesse. The trip had amazing activities planned each day and was well-paced while incorporating downtime - the best of everything. But the real highlight of the trip was the amazing group of people and the connections that were created. This truly cannot be explained unless you have experienced it. Each person taught me something different or showed me a new perspective, which is something I hope to take with me on my future journeys. I want to say thank to everyone on the experience for allowing me the space to open up. Sharing amongst a group, especially on a topic that was a turbulent and traumatic time in my life, is not something I would normally do and outside my comfort zone. I wouldn't have been able to do that without feeling safe to do so and that is truly a testament to everyone that was present and the environment that was created."

Kailey Mott

New York, NY

“Jesse is someone who sparked my interest in travel. His desire to see the world and experience new cultures and landscapes is remarkable. Without being asked, without anything more than his own personal desire to serve others and share his experiences with the people he meets, Jesse planned one of the most profound trips of my life. His intention was for me to do something I’ve never done before, step outside of my comfort zone and what I found on the other side is an experience that sparked my own personal journey into travel and into expanding my cultural palette. Every step of the way was mindfully curated by Jesse, to ensure that I not only had a great time but also would have a prolonged memory and appreciation for the experience we had. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone for a reason, so trust Jesse to guide you, one foot in front of the other to take that next big step out of your comfort zone!”

Luke Natale

Howell, New Jersey

“I had the pleasure of traveling with Jesse in Portugal. He has such great energy and an immense passion for travel experiences. For Jesse, travel goes beyond just hotels and transfers, he’s creating moments in our lives through travel that will stay with us forever!”

Janelle Ruhumuliza

San Diego, California

"I was extremely overwhelmed with planning our vacation to Italy so I reached out to Jesse and all my stress disappeared! Jesse took the time to call us to discuss how we wanted to spend our time in Italy and what type of activities we were interested in. He helped us narrow down what cities to travel to and gave us plenty of hotel options within our budget. Jesse did an amazing job coordinating an intimate wine tour to Chianti, and a truffle hunting experience while we were in Tuscany. He was even able to find us a spectacular photographer in Tuscany to take our engagement photos (which came out absolutely stunning)! Every experience he coordinated was so special and unique. Jesse made our dream vacation come to reality!"

Frank and Krista D'Elia

New York, NY

"There's a special version of myself that only comes out when I dive into new experiences with Jesse. I've seen this while dancing around Brooklyn with Jesse in the middle of the day or hiding easter eggs around town in Boston. Jesse helps me forget my inhibitions and move comfortably and confidently. Whether we're traveling or just brainstorming, this type of dynamic leads to truly rich experiences and connections."

Tyler Gillies

New York, NY

“Jesse is definitely one of the best people to travel with, his passion for discovering new places is contagious, and his love to absorb every bit of the culture he comes across is so profound. For me, traveling is always an exciting adventure but his life philosophy makes it an even more amazing experience. I hope to have the chance to join him on another incredible group experience. To explore new places, meet interesting people and make great memories!”

Gina Oc

Ontario, Canada

"Jesse went above and beyond. What I loved the most was just feeling very present with the people Jesse brought together. This trip helped me come out of a low point in my life. I've come to the conclusion through my experiences in life that nothing matters more than connection. Whether that's with friends, family, or even yourself. This trip is the embodiment of what it truly means to connect with one another. Looking back, I've met some of my now, closest friends from joining the last two travel experiences Jesse has hosted. If you want to truly get out of your comfort zone, and go to amazing places with amazing people, then this is exactly what you're looking for."

Jon Correal

San Diego, California

"The hospitality from Jesse and Stefano is what blew me away the most. I would say everything exceeded my expectations on this trip but it was all thanks to these two. The attention to detail and catering for everyone’s needs was amazing, they really didn’t miss anything. So much love for you two! My most memorable moment has got to be witnessing the shooting star with Luke. He was only a stranger a few days ago but here we were connecting on a personal level, sharing a beautiful moment in time connected to nature as well. Too beautiful to put into words. I think the overall experience benefited me by leaving with a sense of inspiration to tackle and achieve all my plans and goals after truly getting to know people from all walks of life."

Allenn Montilla

Miami, Florida

"What stands out the most about Jesse is his personality. His love and drive to connect with people through travel. When you talk and/or meet him you will experience his true sincerity, energy and knowledge of travel taking the experience to another level of vacationing. Jesse planned a memorable milestone birthday for myself with my family in St Thomas/St John. He planned very unique day trips, dinners and a beautiful birthday trip, sailing to a remote island for dinner. His focus on detail made this trip seamless! He will be my future planner and consultant whenever I travel!"

Linda Iacurto

New York, NY

"The hospitality is completely unmatched compared to any resort. It is one of those vacations that will leave you feeling like life isn’t what you thought it was. You need to experience it to understand. What I found most intriguing was the way that Jesse was able to get us connected with one another by just having us ask mind opening and thought provoking questions. Which then allowed us to find a bit more about ourselves at the same time, almost every morning right before our fun activities. This allowed us to keep the conversations flowing effortlessly throughout the remainder of the day. I shared a special moment with someone from the trip on the top of a mountain during a hike where they shared their thoughts and feelings with us. Simply put, the environment and people just felt pure."

Larry Lee, Miami, Florida

Memorable Guest Experiences

Video Testimonials

Kassidy Hardgrove

Nashville, Tennessee


Larry Lee

Miami, Florida


Ashley Regan

Austin, Texas


Amanda Pace

New York, NY


Amanda & Jesse Reconnect

Well.. this was fun.

Our Founder, Jesse was invited as a guest on Amanda's podcast, Pace Yourself, 8 months after her experience with us to reflect on how impactful it was and how her life has completely transformed as a result.

They discuss how to turn your dreams into a reality and the power of connection both during and after a travel experience.

This is a powerful one that you aren't going to want to miss.

Joaquin Anico

Dominican Republic


Anna Leigh Wilson

Dallas, Texas


Stefano Cracolici

Sicily, Italy


Katherine Cabrera

Miami, Florida

Katie Cerami

Delray Beach, Florida


Kailey Mott

Long Island, New York


New York Times Bestselling Author and Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker

Rory Vaden

Rory Vaden has dedicated his entire life to the study of leadership and influence. His education and experience took him all the way from being raised by a single mother in a trailer park to becoming a New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs, a world renowned Hall of Fame keynote speaker, and an Eight-Figure entrepreneur.

He has developed dozens of insights, frameworks and methodologies that have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur, Inc, on Fox News national television and in several other major media outlets.

As a world-renowned speaker, His Tedx talk has been viewed over 3 million times and used by some of the most successful organizations in the world to mobilize their sales forces, develop their leaders and move their people into action.

He is a 2x World Champion of Public Speaking Finalist and was recently named as one of the top 100 leadership speakers in the world by Inc Magazine. He is also the Co-Founder of Brand Builders Group where he teaches people how to grow their influence and build and monetize their personal brand alongside his wife, AJ Vaden.

Rory Vaden & Jesse Connect

Our Founder, Jesse was invited as a guest on Rory's Influential Personal Brand podcast to discuss his personal brand journey and how Connection Creators was brought to life.

Jesse with Rory & AJ Vaden, the founders of Brand Builders Group


Executive Growth & Leadership Coach

Jason Frazell

Jason is a fulfilled Growth and Leadership Coach supporting high-impact teams for tech companies including Google, Meta (Facebook), Coinbase and Spotify.

He also serves as a Brand Strategist alongside Rory Vaden at Brand Builders Group, which is how Jesse met Jason.

After getting to know one another, Jason invited Jesse as a guest on his inspiring podcast, Talking to Cool People.

Jesse shares his journey from working at a big 4 consulting firm to running his own successful travel business, the dark places he has been mentally and what he leaned into to move past it and the impact he cares deeply about that makes a big difference in the world.


The Founder of Luxury World Traveler

Gil Antolin

The Founder of Luxury World Traveler, the worlds largest luxury travel social media account with over 3 million followers worldwide.

Gil has partnered with over 900 hospitality companies and brands to successfully showcase their properties and services through his global travel agency, generating over 15 billion digital impressions.

Their goal is to continue to advise on and create digital media that best depicts the amazing destinations and experiences that their hospitality clients offer. Simultaneously, they seek to provide exclusive amenities and travel packages to their community.

Gil Antolin & Jesse Connect

The Founder of Luxury World Traveler and our Founder, Jesse dive into a past experience we hosted on St. John in the Caribbean. They also highlight the true value of travel and importance of connection.


Author and Executive Coach

Elizabeth Pearson

Elizabeth Pearson was a Sales Executive for over 15 years where she generated and managed well over $20 million of business for brands such as Vitamin Water, Coca-Cola, Amazon and Whole Foods.

She ditched her lucrative (and cushy) career in sales to start her own coaching business. Over the last 7 years, she has become an insatiable student of personal and professional development feeding her passion for Spiritual Growth and Awakening through research and several educational programs.

Elizabeth coaches executives in high-pressure, high-visibility positions, to not only uncover their highest potential but also help take back their power and operate from a place of deep peace and confidence.

Her mission is to leave this earth knowing that she made a positive impact on the lives of others and inspired them to follow their passions and achieve greatness.


Elizabeth Pearson & Jesse Connect

Our Founder, Jesse was invited as a guest on Elizabeth's Ascend & Transcend podcast to discuss his spiritual awakening and how it impacted both his personal and professional life. They also discuss finding mindfulness through travel and how to follow your intuiton.


Author and Men's Life & Relationship Coach

Bob Conlin

Bob Conlin is an accomplished Men’s Life & Relationship Coach, Author, and Father who has been featured on ABC, CBS, Fox, and Good Morning America.

Bob hosts an annual 5-Day Virtual Men’s Event Series called Forge Your Purpose II that features 15 incredible expert interviews challenging you to create a life of your own making, a life worth living.

Our founder, Jesse was invited as a speaker. Watch the interview below.

It’s hard to know ‘'what we want'’ because it often exists outside of our normal experiences in life.

It’s unfamiliar to us – even fearful to think about or seemingly impossible to achieve. Bob and Jesse help you to discover what’s available when you dare to dream and have the courage to make that your reality.

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