Favela Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Give back to the local community


On October 15, 2022, our Founder, Jesse crossed the finish line completing his fourth Ironman Triathlon. He raised $2,500 for our non-profit partner organizations in both Brazil and Pakistan.

We are still actively collecting contributions from our amazing community. Read the full story below and learn how you can donate yourself and receive updates on the children.

Connection Creators has raised and donated over $5,000 for our charitable organizations.

IRONMAN Cascais 2022

It was a tough challenge, but Jesse admitted that he got a second win towards the end of the race when he reminded himself of why he was competing.

Our performance in everything we do in life is enhanced when we have a powerful why!


Our Impact

It’s not just about seeing the world, it’s about making the world better, together. We acknowledge the power travel has in driving positive change, and we are guided by a purpose of giving back to the children of local communities.

Perhaps, the best way to see who we can become is to see ourselves through the eyes of a child.

1% of all profits from our travel experiences are directed towards creating a larger impact and connection for our partner foundations and the communities they serve. 100% of these payments and your additional donations go directly to our non-profit partner organizations in Brazil and Pakistan.

GASCO - Community Social Action Group

In March, 2022, Jesse had the privilege of visiting Vidigal Favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. More specifically, he met with the wonderful founder of GASCO, Bernadete Soares Pereira, and her husband.

Since 2007, Bernadete's non-profit organization, GASCO, has served over 200 youth students between the ages of two and eighteen, per day, through sports, musical, educational and developmental programs. Bernadete has also founded a social project "Cozinha Solidária" which distributes warm food to homeless residents in the community.

Due to overcrowding, unsanitary conditions, poor nutrition and pollution, disease is rampant in the favelas and infant mortality rates are high. We need your help.

For future plans, the objective is to expand their space including the educational classrooms, on site kitchen to feed the children, and the events area where the children are taught martial arts (Judo and Capoeria) and ballet.

Never underestimate the difference you can make on every life you encounter. Big or small. The impact you make today has a powerful rippling effect on their tomorrow.

A life changing experience documented below.


"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

With the help of your donations, we were fortunate enough to help purchase a water fountain for the children in the event space.

Prior to this, there was no water source and during his visit, Jesse watched two adults pour hundreds of little cups for the kids wasting countless plastic water bottles.

Our Pakistan Partners

In December 2021, Jesse connected with Sundas, a community activist in Mian Channu, Pakistan through Facebook. Sundas is a teacher and the founder of a non-profit organization focused on educating, clothing, feeding and supporting orphans and children living in poverty.

He was a bit skeptical at first, but decided to send $100 in good faith to their village in Pakistan to feed the children for Christmas. What he received back almost had him in tears.

Mian Channu School Opening Ceremony


Sundas and her husband (below) visit this village four times a week to deliver support and spend time with the children. It is approximately one hour from their home in Mian Channu. They have four children of their own: Mouiz, Abile, Veronica and Jasiel.


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